Collagen Intense Radiance Activator Serum


Collagen Intense Radiance Activator Serum

Why you’ll love it: The laundry list of ingredients displayed on the tube may be a little incomprehensible without a chemistry degree, but there’s a reason they’re front and center. This smoothing, plumping serum is packed with tried-and-true star ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the rare ingredients that can help firm, lecithin moisturizes by forming a fatty-acid barrier over the skin’s surface, trehalose pulls water into the skin to make it softer and more radiant, and niacinamide is brilliant at strengthening the moisture barrier while calming your complexion.

How you’ll use it: Smooth it over your skin each morning under sunscreen for a plumper, dewier complexion over time. The sunscreen part is key, since firming treatments only work if you protect your skin from the sun.

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