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ROSIE perfume oil

By Rosie Jane

ROSIE perfume oil

Why you’ll love it: This trendy, niche fragrance house out of California just reimagined rose perfume and their take on the flower smells more like naked skin—subtly warm and sexy, yet light and transparent—than a garden. Here, rose is mixed with musk, which is a buzzy ingredient in perfumery right now for its cozy, warm quality. The delicate blend is delivered as a perfume oil with just five ingredients, including a sweetly warm coconut oil base. The result is a soft, comforting fragrance that’ll have you sniffing your wrist again and again throughout the day.

How you’ll use it: Swipe the rollerball over your pulse points—wrists, sides of the neck—for a fragrance that stays close while you wear it. Resist the urge to rub your wrists together after applying, which can actually change the structure, and therefore smell, of a scent.

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