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November 2023 Allure Beauty Box

I just got back from maternity leave, and boy did I miss working on the Allure Beauty Box. I love curating Allure editors’ favorite products for the season — and my hair, skin, and nails are all very thankful that I’m back on the job. Newborns and elaborate masking routines don’t exactly mix, so the reparative hair treatments and decadent moisturizers in the November box have been just the ticket for getting back some radiance. They work quickly and they work well, to hydrate, soothe, and indulge from head to toe — a surefire cure for November’s hair and skin doldrums. — Elizabeth Siegel, Allure Deputy Beauty Director 

New Member Gift: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops (full size)


Why you’ll love it: Niacinamide is a powerhouse that can boost radiance, decrease redness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. In this lightweight, cooling pink formula — its gel-like texture is perfect for summer — the superstar ingredient makes skin super bright. This multitasking serum is also fortified with antioxidant watermelon extract and moringa seed oil and hydrating hyaluronic acid. “No singular product has visibly reduced my redness and enhanced my glow as well as the Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops has,” says Allure’s Sarah Han. “I was wowed by the very apparent glow-up. Jaw, meet floor.”

How you’ll use it: Applied to clean skin, the serum wakes up complexions and sinks in quickly. You can also mix a pump into liquid foundation for a subtle glow.


Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 (full size)

Why you’ll love it: Whether you’re a retinal newbie or a diehard fan, this serum’s for you. With 0.03% retinaldehyde, the gentle concentration is great if you’re giving vitamin A a try for the first time — or if you already love retinal’s line-smoothing, glow-boosting powers, but don’t care for the potential irritation. “My skin can be sensitive, but I didn’t experience any redness, flaking, or irritation with this product,” says Allure’s Kara McGrath. If you’re working to undo the hours you spent outside this summer, this gentle retinal can help reverse new dark spots — and it’s a great time of year to tackle that project.

How you’ll use it: The super-creamy texture melts into your skin, making it a joy to apply and easy to layer under the rest of your nighttime routine. To start, use it before bed once or twice a week. Very important: Skip this‚ or any other retinal, if you’re pregnant.

Paume All-In-One Cuticle & Nail Cream (full size)

Why you’ll love it: Without soft skin and hydrated cuticles, even the freshest crimson manicure won’t seem nearly as shiny. To keep hands and cuticles looking their best, stash a tube of this cream in your handbag. Though it feels super lightweight and sinks in as you rub your hands together, nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, and grape seed oil go heavy on the hydration, so you’re left with smoother hands and a delicate citrus scent.

How you’ll use it: Throughout the day — after you wash your hands or when you reach for something else in your purse — reapply a pea-size dollop onto hands, and make sure to rub it onto your cuticles while you’re at it.

Mudmasky Vitamin-Infused Scalp Serum (full size)

Why you’ll love it: Maybe your scalp is feeling dry and itchy as the weather turns colder or maybe it could use some TLC after too much blow-drying. This silky serum is easy to apply — its texture is reminiscent of a facial serum — and soothes the scalp with calming, cozy ingredients like honey, chamomile, and macadamia oil. A subtle herbal scent, plus the fact that you massage it on, makes the whole experience relaxing. Your scalp will feel refreshed and ready for the next styling session. “It does an impressive job of boosting scalp hydration without looking at all greasy,” says Allure’s Annie Blay.

How you’ll use it: After showering, when hair is still damp, warm up three drops by rubbing them between your fingertips. Massage onto a clean scalp, making small circles, and finish your routine as usual. The leave-on serum is invisible in hair and calmed Blay’s itchy scalp on the spot.

Belif Moisturizing Bomb Toner

Why you’ll love it: November has a way of zapping skin of moisture, but Belif’s toner can stop all the dullness. It’s packed with hydrating ceramides to flood skin with moisture for a softer, dewier complexion.

How you’ll use it: Pat a dime-size drop over your entire face after cleansing. You can use it morning and night. Try it under your new Cetaphil moisturizer to really amp up your hydrating game.

Natura Ekos Castanha Creamy Shower Cream

Why you’ll love it: Using a moisturizer post-shower is the best way to lock in full-body hydration, but there are days when you may not want to add even a few more minutes to your routine. That’s why this body wash is so brilliant: It behaves almost like a lotion, keeping skin hydrated long after you leave the shower, thanks to omega-rich Brazil nut oil.

How you’ll use it: The creamy formula transforms into a pampering foam as you apply it and fills the air with a warm, appealing scent that lingers throughout the day.

*Members will receive either the Natura Ekos shower cream or Nativa Spa body lotion based on member history.

Amika: The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment

Why you’ll love it: This slick, thin formula takes only one minute to work its magic: Moisturizing butters and bond-building amino acid get right to work, making hair glossier, softer, and so much easier to brush through. Knots are history.

How you’ll use it: After shampooing and conditioning, drench your hair from root to tip — the treatment spreads on easily. Rinse after a minute and go about your routine. Bonus: Detangling any knots (thanks a lot, cute new scarf) will be a breeze.

*Members will receive Amika The Kure, Amika Dream Routine, or NatureLab Tokyo leave-in treatment based on member history.

Amika: Dream Routine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask

Why you’ll love it: This leave-in hair mask is a godsend for taming November’s frizz and boosting shine. The lightweight cream absorbs quickly and works some magic overnight. When you wake up, hair looks smoother and more nourished, thanks to a cocktail of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coconut water.

How you’ll use it: Squeeze out a dime-size dollop, run it through the mid-lengths to ends of your hair, and hit the hay — it won’t leave unwanted residue on pillows.

*Members will receive Amika Dream Routine, Amika The Kure, or NatureLab Tokyo leave-in treatment based on member history.

Nativa Spa Quinoa Firming Body Lotion

Why you’ll love it: Colder temperatures bring dryer skin, so we are obsessed with this omega-rich body lotion. Formulated with quinoa oil and glycerin, it instantly gives legs and arms a dewy glow and makes them feel so much softer. The rich, creamy texture sinks in quickly — you don’t have to wait long to get dressed — and the subtly sweet scent of vanilla and peony stays with you all day.

How you’ll use it: After the shower, slather on five pumps or so for your entire body, or two or three pumps for just your arms and legs.

*Members will receive either the Nativa Spa body lotion or Natura Ekos shower cream based on member history.

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Leave-In Treatment

Why you’ll love it: Cooler temperatures bring dryer hair, but now you can reach for this leave-in foam. Yep, foam. It is super easy to spread on, plus hydrating glycerin, nourishing argan oil, and strengthening pea protein instantly give hair a softer, smoother, shinier disposition.

How you’ll use it: Massage one generous pump into damp hair from mid-lengths to ends, then style as you normally would

*Members will receive NatureLab Tokyo leave-in treatment, Amika The Kure, or Amika Dream Routine based on member history.

Cetaphil Healthy Renew Night Cream (Sponsor)

Why you’ll love it: Like your softest pajamas, this rich cream is a comfort you’ll look forward to at the end of the day. It smooths on easily and sinks in quickly. There’s no residue rubbing off on your pillow here, only smoother, dewier skin by morning.

How you’ll use it: Apply to clean skin before bed. It also layers nicely over serum or toner (like your new one from Belif) to lock in moisture for extra-soft skin.

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